All classes are taught by Debbie R. Wetzel,RMT, KRMT  unless otherwise noted.  
     Registration is required and space is limited.  Deposit is required with registration.  Full payment is due  a minimum of 5 days before class date.  Deposit is non-refundable, but may be applied to a future class. 

 Reiki I - $175 (deposit $75)
              prereq. none 

 Reiki II - $175 (deposit $75)
               prereq. Reiki 1

 Reiki Master - $650 (deposit $250)
       prereq. Reiki I & II  & ART

Advanced Reiki ART - $225  (deposit $100) 
          prereq. Reiki I & Reiki II

ART/ Master - $875  (deposit $350)
                prereq. Reiki I & II

Karuna® Reiki Master - $875 (deposit - $350)
  prereq. Must be a Reiki Master for a                     minimum of 1 year.)  

Holy Fire ART/Master - $875 (deposit - $350)
3 day class 
 prereq. Reiki 1 & 2 or Holy Fire Reiki 1 & 2

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                Reiki Sessions or
            Distance Reiki Sessions

            30 minute Reiki Session.......$45

            1 hour  Reiki Session ..........$60

           90 minute Reiki Session .......$95

With distance Reiki, you can have the healing benefits of Reiki sent to where ever you are.  Sessions are available by phone or face to face on zoom.

A place to learn. A place to grow. A place to heal. 

Reiki- Clinical Hypnotherapy - Classes - Class schedules - Registration 
(Gift certificates available)

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnosis is a powerful tool in helping clients reach their goals.   Hypnosis alone or combined with Reiki can help you:

  •  lose weight
  • quit smoking 
  • reduce stress and anxiety 
  • improve athletic performance 
  • overcome personal obstacles 
  • personal improvement 
  • professional advancement

Individual programs are designed based on clients needs.  


         2020 Class Schedule

  Reiki I -
  February 22, 2020

  Reiki II -
  February 23, 2020

ART/Master - (3 day) 

  ​ART (Advanced Reiki Training)

Karuna® Reiki training - 
  9:00am - 5:00pm 
  (3 day training) 

Any class can be scheduled by request with a minumum of 4 students. Please call to discuss scheduling one of these classes.
Reiki classes
Rainbow Reiki 1st Degree - $400
Rainbow Reiki 2nd Degree - $800
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Kundalini Reiki/Cacao Workshop